It all started when...

Joseph was in 6th grade he found interest in building muscle. This interest soon turned to passion. Joe did not have access to a gym, so he would use any objects around the house to train. He had no free weights so he used to take giant tree branches and put bricks on each side to do bicep curls and squats. He even had a plan/way to do chest day. He used to take his mom's coolers and line them up together to act as a bench. He eventually had to stop lifting because his mom took all of the training equipment away since she was afraid he would hurt himself! 

Years passed, then the year following high school, he found his way back into training. He was in college course one day and saw a video of a bodybuilder, Kai Greene. Kai was a large bodybuilder that was posing on stage. After that he realized, that is what he wanted to do with his life. Joe has now been training for 7 years, competed in a few bodybuilding shows, won several trophies, works at a gym, and also trains many clients. Which leads to what Joe does now, he loves reaching new personal goals, but there is something special about helping others achieve their fitness goals.